Think about this for a moment…..

You land in the e-commerce store looking for some cereal and breakfast items. And you already have the cereal brand to buy and what kind of breakfast items he prefers. 

Now in one store, you see a grid of countless products here and there and you need to choose every product one by one. And in another store, an organized table layout mentioning all the products with their images and detail.

Now let’s be honest- which one will you choose for your shopping?

We know the answer- The store comes up with the display product side by side on the table, it’s fast and easy to navigate. See how a simple table can make a big difference?

Listen: Your audience’s mind is all set on buying.

Now, it’s your turn to make things fast, and smooth and gets done with the buying process as soon as possible. But don’t have the coding experience to create a custom-made table?

No worries.

WordPress is always there to make webmasters’ and marketers’ life easy. Today we’re gonna talk about some of the Best WordPress Table plugins that will rule the web industry in 2023.

#3 Reasons Developers & Marketers love WordPress Table Plugin

A third of all websites are powered by WordPress using plugins to design their website.

That means more than 30%!!!

And a fair amount of downloaded plugins are actually table plugins. Ever wonder why marketers rely on WordPress table plugins so heavily? What are the three advantages of WordPress Plugins?

Let us show you…..

  • Easy Navigation: Customers find it easier to navigate as it saves the time of scrolling through lots of pages to find their desired product.
  • Increase conversion rate & sales: This especially works wonders for e-commerce sites and online stores.
  • Saves development time: Creating a table with code from scratch takes a hell lot of time. Most importantly, anyone can do it.

10 Best WordPress Table Plugins to Improve User’s Shopping Experience!! (& Sales)

Here are our reviews of 10 of the Best Table Plugin for WordPress to craft and manage beautiful tables in a flash.

#1. TablePress – A spreadsheet-like interface, without any coding


Developed by a German PhD student Tobias Bäthge, The most hyped table plugin right now.

And we are not surprised at all!

When it comes to presenting data well, (in any format, even the maths formulas) in an organized way, TablePress is unbeatable. The thing we love most about open source plugin is that it allows us to place the tables wherever we want- pages, posts, or other site areas.

And no fancy builder needs to work with it- you can do it using the block or classic editor.

Key features:

  • You can include any features such as Text, images, numbers, links, even HTML or JavaScript.
  • Preview the table before publishing
  • Contains some advanced features like sorting, pagination, and filtering
  • The table can be imported and exported from/to Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files.

Limitation of this plugin:

  • The responsive feature isn’t upto mark

Our final thought…….

Overall, this is a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate plugin. Even a beginner or non-SEO guy can handle this pretty easily. This table goes perfectly well to display-

  • Product comparisons
  • Accounting and financial information
  • Math formulas and calculations
  • Plans and pricing information

#2. wpDataTables – Best for statistical presentation


Need giant tables?

WpDataTable got you covered, and can handle up to millions of rows effortlessly. No matter what type of data source you input- Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, or PHP, this table plugin can create a data table in a blink.

It’s more like an excel-like editor which works well with any WP theme.

The main reason we added this plugin to your top list is Responsiveness. This is a much-needed feature as 92.1% of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone.

And that’s not all……..

While working with .XLS and .XLSX formats in the WordPress environment was such a headache, WpDataTable makes the whole process a breeze.

Unique features:

  • Comes with some cool features with master-detail tables, gravity form, powerful filtering, and form integrations.
  • Allow the user to make a plugin in 3 simple steps-Provide the data>Configure & fine-tune the table>And Publish.
  • All the data are handled by the MySQL server.
  • Front-end or back-end data table editing

Limitations of this plugin:

  • The free version is quite limited, you gotta buy the premium version to get the best result

Our final thought…….

If you have to handle big chunks of data, WpDataTable will be the right choice for you. And the responsiveness is really impressive if you consider the price. Apart from statistics data, this table is perfect for-

  • Pricing or Finance Table
  • Amazon Comparison table
  • Premium league table
  • Table with merged cell
  • Crypto currency table

#3. WP Table Builder – A go-to solution for Amazon comparison table

WP Table Builder

You have already seen this table, right?

Yes, most stores or sites that work with Amazon use this Table plugin. The drag-and-drop easy-to-use features make it webmasters’ and people’s favorite plugin.

Sounds good?

The coolest thing about this plugin is the cell management mode which allows the user to Add New Rows, Columns, or Merge & Split Cells so easily.

Unique features:

  • Currently, you can add 7 elements right now- Text, List, Button, Star Rating, Custom HTML, Shortcode, & Image
  • Have a lot of Pre-built customizable templates for table
  • Effortlessly can be integrated into Gutenberg

Limitations of this plugin:

  • Not good for creating a chart from data

Our final thought…….

If you need to create a table like ……

  • Comparison tables
  • Pricing tables
  • List tables 
  • Book catalog
  • Restaurant menus

This WpTableBuilder will be the best bang for the buck. Give it a chance, we think it will not disappoint you.

#4. Ninja Tables – Advance builder for tabular format

Ninja Tables

Undoubtedly, Ninja Tables is the most user-friendly table plugin we came across. So you know this plugin hits 80,000+ active installations so far?

Yes, that’s right-80k Installation.

As it’s an all-in-all table solution, web developers and marketers embrace this with an open hand. We also check the responsiveness and it goes well with any screen size which is a big plus. With 100+ table styles, this is a great data visualisation plugin for your websites.

Unique features:

  • The ability to auto-sync with Google sheet
  • You can attach any multimedia pretty easily
  • Custom Css & turn anything into a clickable hyperlink
  • Unlimited customizing option

Limitations of this plugin:

  • Limited color option
  • Most of the awesome features are only in the premium version

Our final thought…….

Ninja Table is one of those rare plugins that doesn’t slow down the website speed. Now let’s see for whom it is designed……

  • Comparison/pricing tables
  • Schedule tables
  • League Points Table
  • Product specification table
  • Amazon affiliate/comparison product table
  • Charts
  • Image Gallery
  • WooCommerce Product Tables 

#5. Pricing Table by Supsystic – A beginner-friendly responsive pricing table plugin

Pricing Table by Supsystic

For those who want to show how the features or functionality of a product vary as the price changes, Pricing Table by Supsystic is your rescuer.

The biggest misconception people have about this plugin is that they think it is only for e-commerce sites. And that is far ways from true- from portfolios to small businesses, Pricing Table functionality is much more diverse.

Unique features:

  • FULLY-RESPONSIVE for good customer experience
  • Apart from images, videos, or icons, you can also add animation effect
  • The free version also has some fantastic features

Limitations of this plugin:

  • When it comes to scrolling down long tables, this plugin might not capable to make everything visible.

Our final thought…….

Even without any programming skills, anyone can use this plugin. And the cherry on the cake is the developer keeps a lot of cool features on the free version too. We recommend this plugin for-

  • Pricing table
  • Amazon comparison
  • E-commerce Price list

#6. Visualizer – Discover an innovative way to visualize your chart!


The simple feature- interactive chart and super simple data synchronization-makes this plugin developer’s chosen tool to visualize tables and charts.

And guess what?

With a variety of options (15 charts to be exact), you can turn the boring data into an appealing chart or data in minutes. Let’s see what are the options to present your data-

  • Bubble chart
  • Rader/spider chart
  • Polar area chart
  • Combo chart
  • Table chart
  • Timeline chart
  • Candlestick chart
  • Scatter chart
  • Gauge chart
  • Column chart
  • Bar chart
  • Geo chart
  • Area chart
  • Line chart
  • Pie chart

Unique features:

  • This plugin comfortably supports cross-browser compatibility
  • As it is based on HTML5/SVG technology, no extra plugins are needed.
  • Easy-to-use Gutenberg interface

Limitations of this plugin:

  • Modify or editing data on the existing chart is quite difficult

Our final thought…….

Nowadays we all have to work with numbers (more or less). So, we guess this will be quite handy for everyone. But for some particular sectors, this will be a time-saving tool like……

  • Financial sector
  • Number-driven content
  • Research data

#7. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic – An auto generator for creating dynamic data

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Yes, another gem from Supsystic!

We gotta admit, Supsystic has recently come up with some great plugin that makes the developer’s life a bit less stressful.

Especially with formulas!

Those formulas are not everyone’s cup of tea. Thankfully, Data Tables Generator gives webmasters and marketers some relief in this regard. And while testing, we found it the most comprehensive table editor so far.

Unique features:

  • Easily can be edited from front to end
  • The plugin is lightweight and comparatively fast
  • Can create unlimited row and column

Limitations of this plugin:

  • The export opportunity is quite limited

Our final thought…….

If you are familiar with Excel, working with this plugin will be a piece of cake for you. That’s because the data input process and all visual parameters are quite similar. We recommend this plugin if you’re managing things like……

  • Formulas
  • Complex comparison tables
  • Mathematical data

#8. Responsive Pricing Table– Make your pricing table elegant

Responsive Pricing Table

Need to show a pricing list but in a more aesthetic way? The responsive Pricing Table is here to make your pricing list appealing

Most importantly- as the name indicates, fully responsive in nature.

This plugin has both free and premium versions where you can create unlimited columns and tables. How cool is that? 

But obviously the premium version has some cool features which you can’t find in the free one like a price toggle and the use of animation. Let’s see the available fields to input data-

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Price
  • Features 
  • Description
  • Button URL and text
  • Small icon
  • Custom CSS classes
  • Custom buttons 
  • Color 

Unique features:

  • A chic, clear interface to presenting pricing
  • Highlighting any plan or feature
  • The free version is also responsive

Limitations of this plugin:

  • You can’t use it for multipurpose, Is good to present only the pricing list.

Our final thought…….

If you’re a seller or dealing with e-commerce things, this plugin will save you time and effort. Perfect for-

  • Amazon Comparison table
  • E-commerce product list
  • Retail/wholesaler’s product list

#9. League Table – The most versatile plugin for customization

League Table

We like League Table for what it is(ultra-responsive and sortable column). And it’s impressive as heck!

17 options per cell, 105 options per table, 13 general options, and a spreadsheet editor- what else can you ask from a table plugin?

Another thing we really adore about this plugin is it’s Multilanguage ready feature( though the table comes in English or Italian by default).

Unique features:

  • This plugin can automatically adapt table parameters and cell paddings 
  • Playing with vertical rhythm is super easy
  • Visitors can do a manual sorting if they want

Limitations of this plugin:

  • The export/import feature is a mess

Our final thought…….

When it comes to sorting and filtering, this plugin works like a charm. Plus, this is a versatile plugin that goes well with a different field like…

  • Sports/gaming league data
  • Weather update
  • Educational/medical data
  • Agricultural data

#10. Posts Table with Search & Sort – Easiest to set up!

Posts Table with Search & Sort

The Posts Table is fairly a new plugin- it came to the industry in 2016- it’s quickly become the marketer’s favorite destination to create a fully customizable table.

And the best part?

The tables update automatically when other data on the article is added or changed. The plugin comes with 50+ options, you can basically create any custom fields and taxonomies with zero technical knowledge.

That’s the beauty of a WordPress plugin!

Unique features:

  • WPML is compatible and works well in any language
  • Backed by AJAX which means reducing the server load
  • Users can easily search or filter by keyword, product name, or brand name

Limitations of this plugin:

  • The features that make it special can be found only on the paid version

Our final thought…….

Easy to customize, navigate and use- beta testing this plugin was a fun experience for us. Highly recommended for stuff like-

  • Advanced order forms.
  • Restaurant ordering systems,
  • Document libraries
  • Directory
  • Events calendars etc.


The Takeaway……

You made it this far! And as you can see these WordPress plugins shine in their own field and make our webmasters and developers’ life a lot better.

Now it’s time to see our top favorite-

  • #1 TablePressAll in one table solution for everyone.
  • #2 WP Table Builder Perfect for e-commerce & online store price list.
  • #3 League Table A versatile & responsive table plugin.