TablePress Review: Features, Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Looking for an honest TablePress review? Read on to discover the pros, cons, and alternatives to this popular WordPress plugin for creating tables.


TablePress Review

What makes TablePress stand out from the rest? Probably the answer is simplicity. 

TablePress offers the most user-friendly interface, which allows even a beginner to create a table on the backend.

Is that all? 

Stick with our TablePress review to discover the secrets and magic of this plugin that makes 800,000+ people trust it.

TablePress Review Summary

  • Ease of Use: 4.5
  • Functionality: 5
  • Customization: 4.5 
  • Compatibility: 4.5
  • Overall Value: 4.5

TablePress is the most popular WordPress table plugin, with over 800k+ active users. It’s a freemium plugin that used to be completely free before December 2022. However, its free version offers only a limited set of features.

On the other hand, the paid version gives you access to all the core features. Using the pro features, you can create small to large data tables with user-friendly management, customization, and responsive options.


  • Create small to large data tables with edit and manage control.
  • Availability of advanced features like search, sort, and pagination.
  • Image, links, and math formula inserting flexibility.
  • Both Gutenberg block and shortcode embedding freedom.
  • Comprehensive responsive options.
  • Fixed row and column facility.
  • Capability to order columns and rows in different ways.


  • Particularly super expensive.
  • Could include more styling options.
  • Doesn’t have a chart-creating option.

Key Features of TablePress 

TablePress has earned widespread recognition with thousands of positive reviews because of its top-notch features and functionality. Let’s look at some of the key features that keep a large number of users actively using the plugin:

User-friendly Functionalities

When it comes to plugins, especially table plugins, usability is key, and TablePress excels in this area. It’s equipped with the most user-friendly features and functionalities, allowing even beginners to create tables effortlessly. Take a look at TablePress’ user-friendly features:

  • Beginner-friendly Interface: TablePress’s interface is straightforward. It’s all the major table settings, like all tables, add tables, import and export, etc., displayed on the dashboard. That means you can easily navigate each of your necessary settings tabs to fulfill your specific needs.
  • Versatile Content Elements: Presenting data in a table doesn’t have to be limited to plain text. With TablePress, you can create highly informative tables using text, numbers, images, links, or even HTML or JavaScript. You’ll have the flexibility to incorporate any of these elements into your table creation.
  • Basic Table Options: While other table plugins offer sort, search, filter, and pagination in their pro version, TablePress offers it for free. You can use these innovative and convenient features that are particularly useful for tables with long data.
  • Export and Import: TablePress supports importing and exporting files in various formats. You can import tables as XLSX files from Excel or CSV, ODS, HTML, and JSON files. You can also export them in CSV, HTML, and JSON formats, along with the option to create a ZIP file.
  • Fixed Rows and Columns: Improve scannability as well as navigation for your audience with the fixed rows and columns features offered by TablePress. It’s particularly useful for tables with larger or more complex data sets.
  • Add Button: Give your audience control over your data with TablePress’s intuitive button feature. Add interactive buttons above your table to let viewers interact and download it their way. They can choose to show or hide specific columns, copy the data, download it in CSV, Excel, or PDF format, or even print it.

Individual Row and Column Customization Options

While creating a table with TablePress, you have two independent options for customizing rows and columns. You can select each row and column to perform specific actions, such as inserting a link or image into a particular cell. Also, you can duplicate, insert, delete, move, hide, show, and add rows and columns individually.

Advanced Search and Filtering

As we’ve mentioned earlier, TablePress stands out as a highly user-friendly feature, always prioritizing user convenience. Another example of this statement is advanced search and filtering. Here are the advanced search and filter options TablePress offers for rows and columns:

  • Individual Column Filtering: You can add a search field to the top or last row of each column.
  • Column Filter Dropdowns: For each column, you have the option of adding a search drop-down menu.
  • Alphabet Search: Add an alphabetic filtering option above the table for faster searching.
  • Automatic Filter: Implement a search field with a word that the audience can easily change.
  • Search Highlighting: Highlighting the found search terms in the table.
  • Search Panes: Add cool filter panels to your tables for finding stuff in specific columns.
  • Custom Search Builder: Use complex conditions to search across table columns for ultra-precise results.

Remember: Advanced search and filter options are only available in the paid version.

Exclusive Responsive Functionalities

The responsive options provided by the TablePress plugin are exceptional, offering multiple settings for screens of various sizes. In total, TablePress features four different applications to ensure seamless navigation for everyone. They are:

  1. Scroll: TablePress has a scroll option that applies to all kinds of devices. It’s a highly useful function if you wish to display a table with a lot of columns or that is too wide. Here you’ll also find left and right arrow buttons to indicate horizontal scrolling.
  2. Collapse: The collapse option hides extra-long columns under attractive expandable rows with “+” and “-” buttons.
  3. Stack: Instead of displaying the table’s data side by side, the ‘’Stack’’ option presents row data in a column format. This narrower layout is ideal for small screens.
  4. Flip: This mode transforms the table layout horizontally by flipping rows into columns and columns into rows. It enables horizontal scrolling, which is ideally suitable for simple data tables.

Pricing of TablePress Review 

TablePress offers distant pricing plans, including a free plan, to meet the needs of all user levels. With each plan, you’ll have access to powerful table creation features:

  • Free: Available on 
  • Pro: Yearly: $79 and lifetime $349
  • Max: Yearly: $189 and lifetime $799

Important Note: In either of the pro or max plans, you can choose from a single to an unlimited number of sites, and the price will vary based on license type.

Free vs. Pro Versions of TablePress 

There is no doubt that TablePress is the most popular and advanced table plugin available for free. However, it only offers a few free features, and unlike other similar plugins, it offers two premium plans. Find out what features are available with each plan:

Unlimited tables
Table management and editing
Import and export
CSS code
Fixed rows and columns
Community Forums Support
Default Style Customizer 
Counter Column
Responsive Table
Cell and row highlight
Column filter dropdowns
Search and filter
Row filtering
Column and row order
Automatic table export
Priority Email Support
Advanced Access Rights
Advanced Loading
Server-side Processing
Personal Success Manager
Automatic Periodic Table Import

Best Alternatives to TablePress 

While TablePress is a popular table plugin, several others offer compelling alternatives, especially in terms of free features, customization options, and integration with other plugins. Here are a few examples:

Product NameRioVizualWPDataTablesNinja TablesVisualizerData Tables Generator by Supsystic
Active Installation 100+80,000+80,000+30,000+20,000+
Pro Version Price Starts FromCurrently Fully Free$109/year$47/year$99/year$49/year
Best ForCreate fully responsive tableCreate table and chartDisplay data in tabular formatCreating table and chartCreate table and chart
WordPress Rating5.
Our Review5.
Visit SiteRioVizualWPDataTablesNinja TablesVisualizerData Tables Generator by Supsystic

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Closing Thoughts

So, what do you think? Has our TablePress review given you enough information to make an informed decision? 

We believe it has. Throughout this guide, we’ve covered almost all aspects of TablePress, including its key features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. 

Now, the choice is yours. If you believe this table plugin will fulfill your requirements, go ahead and give it a try. Or if you’re still not sure, just try the free version to see how it works.

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