More than 9 million downloads prove that TablePress is still the king in the WordPress pricing table industry. 

Yes, 9 million downloads!!!!

TablePress is the plugin we use in some of our sites for creating comparison tables. Its flexibility, and high-end ability to create interactive pricing tables set it aside when it comes to performance and responsiveness. Though, to be fair, there are some flaws too. In this deep dive TablePress review, we’ll show all the awesome features that TablePress currently offers. Plus, we’ll cover the pricing, drawbacks of the plugin, and it’s generous customization options.

We Like

  • Basic functions are available in the free version
  • The refund policy of 30 days
  • Creating a feature-rich table only takes a few minutes

We don’t Like

  • Quite expensive
  • Not completely intuitive

TablePress Review: Good, Bad and Neutral Side from Our Point of View

So, What is TablePress?

TablePress Plugin on

First, let’s talk about the developers of this influential plugin…..

Developed by a German baseball lover named Tobias Bäthge, who has been involved with WordPress Plugin since 2008. He is actually a software developer from Magdeburg, Germany.

The story behind the born of this plugin is interesting……

Back in 2009, he wanted to create a table for his German baseball team’s website. He didn’t like the table format. Instead of messing up with HTML tables in the code, he rewrote the code of an existing plugin. 

With that, TablePress was born.

He never realized it would be such a blast and quickly outgrew all his expectations.

TablesPress is the highest-rated WordPress plugin right now (& also the most popular one). Now the plugin has 2.1 version available till we tested it.

With this plugin, you can embed tables in your posts, on pages, or in text widgets using:

● a block in the block editor,

● a template tag function in your theme

● a Shortcode in the classic editor

To run it smoothly, you just need WordPress 5.8 or higher. Anyone can create a table without any prior coding knowledge. The interface is more like other core WordPress UI.

Tables can be imported and exported from/to….

  • Excel
  • HTML
  • CSV 
  • and JSON files.

Features: Taking things further with Premium Features

As we mentioned earlier, the free version has all the basic features, which is enough for most marketers. And No wonder premium features have some cool features beyond those features.

Fronted & styling

  • Fixed Row & column: Allow you to effortlessly fix the header-footer Row and the first and last column when scrolling the table.
  • Cell & Row highlighting: Just add CSS classes to highlight certain parts of your content’s features.
  • Buttons: Adding buttons is easy with the Premium version for various features like copy, CSV, PDF, column visibility, Excel and print.
  • Counter column: With the row position, you can make a counter column or an index.
  • Row grouping: you can group Rows by title, categories or title.

Table Data Management:

The premium version allowed work with all types of data management now, including-

  • Row order
  • Comune Order
  • Row filtering

Search & filter

The premium version of TablePress is best for sorting, searching and filtering. Let us show you what you can do with these plugins-

  • Search Highlighting
  • Custom search builder
  • Alphabet search
  • Individual Colume filtering
  • Search panels
  • Automatic filter

Backend and Admin

We were surprised to see how the developers dive into making this a compact pricing plugin. On the premium, they also touch the backend part like….

  • Advance Loading
  • Automatic Periodic table import & Export
  • Server-side Processing
  • Advance access right
  • Rest API

Plugin Interface

The interface is always a vital issue.

Now Let’s be honest here- the interface of the TablePress plugin is not very clean and organized. Compared to other pricing tables like Ninja, the interface is more cluttered and Untidy. Not to mention, We found it very hard to manage. 

Responsiveness-mobile vs Desktop

TablePress is not fully responsive- especially on Mobile.

But the premium version solves this issue and works well on all screens. The responsive table module recommends four ways to handle this issue….

  • Scroll mode
  • Stack mode
  • Flip mode
  • Collapse mode

Please note that filtering and pagination is possible in all mode. But the sorting is not supported on Stack mode.


Installation of this plugin is fairly easy. The classic way of installation is via the WordPress Dashboard. Then just follow the simple steps……

Plugins>Add New> Searchar>“TablePress> “Install now”> click “Activate”

And You’re done!!!


TablePress comes in 3 different price categories. 

OfferingBasic WordPress featuresMore featuresBetter table management

Alternative to TablePress

TablePress is undoubtedly a classic plugin for creating a table for websites. For those who are looking for some other alternative, we made a list for you.

#1 Ninja Plugin

#2 Responsive Pricing Table

# 3 WRC Pricing Tables