How to Create Pros and Cons Table in WordPress?

In this guide, we’ll explore how to create pros & cons table in WordPress using a free plugin. We’ll cover everything from table creation to styling.


How to Create Pros and Cons Table in WordPress

Days are gone when you need to know HTML and CSS codes to create and style a pros and cons table in WordPress. Today, there are dozens of pros & cons table plugins like RioVIzual available.

RioVizual has a pros & cons block with a vast levity of advanced functionalities, customizations, and styling options. This block also features fully customizable pre-made templates, and comprehensive responsive options.

So that you can either create a table using pre-made templates or from scratch. Learn how to create pros & cons table in WordPress using RioVIzual’s block in two different ways.

Method 1: Creating Pros & Cons with the RioVizual Table from Scratch

Anyone, from WordPress newbies to seasoned pros, can craft stunning pros and cons tables with ease using RioVizual’s intuitive “Pros & Cons” block. Let’s dive in and discover how to build one from scratch:

Step 1: Install and Activate RioVizual Plugin

RioVisual is a free plugin readily available in the WordPress library, which you can install and activate just like any other plugin.

  • Go to the dashboard, then “Plugins” > “Add New.”
  • Search for “RioVizual” in the search bar.
  • Click “Install Now” next to the RioVizual plugin.
  • Once installed, click “Activate” to start using it.

Step 2: Insert “Pros & Cons” Block

RioVizual is a Gutenberg plugin that lets you directly create and edit a table in the WordPress editor. Open your desired page or post, or create a new one, then 

  • Hit the “+” button in the block inserter and search for “Pros and Cons.”
  • Select ’’Pros and Cons’’ and choose ‘’Build from Scratch.”

Step 3: Add Necessary Content in the Table

Now, you’ll see a basic table structure with dedicated columns for advantages and disadvantages. Simply click on any cell to populate it with your content. Even the header cells are editable, allowing you to customize the table title and description.

Step 4: Customize and Styling the Table

As soon as you have included content in the advantages and disadvantages column, it’s time to customize and style the table. We’ve divided this process into two sections: customization and styling.

  • Customizing the Table: There are options to further customize the table in the general tab of the block settings. You can choose to hide icon and change all the icons used for both the header and body.
  • Styling the Table: You can adjust various visual aspects of the table within the style tab. It includes modifying the size, color, typography, spacing, alignment, and more for headers, bodies, boxes, and the layout.

Step 5: Publishing the Post/Page

When you’re done customizing and styling the pros and cons table according to your site’s design preferences, publish the page or post. Simply click on the “Publish” or “Update” button to make your changes live.

Method 2: Creating a Pros & Cons Table with RioVizual Using a Premade Template

Creating a pros and cons table from scratch may seem easy, but RioVisual makes it even easier. Pre-made templates make table creation effortless. You can create pros and cons tables within a few minutes using pre configured layouts. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Create a New Post/Page and Insert Pros & Cons Block

Choose the page or post where you’d like to add a pros and cons table. After that, insert “Pros and Cons” block using a block inserter. 

Step 2: Import One of the Pre-made Templates

Selecting and clicking RioVizual’s pros and cons block, you’ll have a new window from where you can select pre-made templates. Select the templates you want to use and click on import. 

Step 3: Customize and Styling the Table

Importing a premade template will result in a table with pre-filled, editable content. Simply click on each cell to add your own information to the placeholders. For additional customization and styling, utilize ‘’General’’ and ‘’Style’’ tabs within the block settings.

Step 4: Publish or Update the Post/Page

Hit “Publish” or “Update” to make your creation live for visitors or the audience.

Note: Learn more about this RioVizual block’s settings, customizations, and design options in detail from the Pros & Cons documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about creating a pros and cons table in WordPress? Explore common queries and their answers below:

How To Create Pros Cons Table in WordPress Without a Plugin?

By using HTML and CSS, you can create a pros and cons table in WordPress without a plugin. Simply structure your table using HTML <table> tags and style it with CSS to achieve your desired appearance.

How Do I Make The Pros and Cons Table Mobile-Responsive?

If you’re using RioVizual for pros and cons table creation, you have no need to worry about responsiveness. RioVizual has a comprehensive set of responsive options for all of its blocks to make tables responsive for different devices, including mobile devices.

Is RioVizual Free Forever?

Currently and in the future, RioVizual will remain free forever. This free downloadable version allows you to easily create a simple and basic table. But you have to go for the pro version to access more advanced features and functionalities.


Throughout this guide, we’ve tried to show you how to create Pros & Cons table in WordPress in the most effortless way. Following this guide, you can make pros and cons table in no time. 

No matter, it’s for a product, service, concept, or idea, RioVizual’s pros and cons block will lets you create pros and cons table for all aspects. Also, there will be some pre-made layout will be there for you to streamline your table creation. 

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