Content Management System (CMS) Statistics, Trends & Market Share Report

Stay updated on CMS stats, trends & market share. Get insights into content management system usage & popularity in this comprehensive report.


Content Management System (CMS) Statistics, Trends & Market Share Report

Back in the old days….

Website developers used to build websites with coding. Programmers & developers were the king-The whole website world was at their hand. 

But then CMS comes to the scenario.

…..and everything changed!

CMS makes things a lot easier. Now anyone can build a website without any coding knowledge. Yes, still, a good chunk of people doesn’t use any CMS, but the growth of CMS usage is raising the roof(gradually).

Think I’m exaggerating?

Let me show you the global CMS Market Share Report & Statistics and how it evolves with time. 

An Overview of the Global CMS Market Share Report 

Do you know 31.7% of the websites are hand-coded?

Yes, that’s true!

I was also surprised a little bit after hearing this, but that’s the reality. Still, 31.7% of the websites use none of the content management systems. And from that, 63.2%. CMS market share, WordPress is used by 43.1% of all websites. (Source: W3techs.)

Dive deep into the CMS market size, statistics & popularity

Before heading to the stat, first, let’s see what CMS is exactly…..

CMS stands for content management system, a software that allows the user to build the website without needing to write code from scratch.

Why do people love it so much?

That’s because it’s easy, functional and gives Front-end freedom to everyone. Now let’s see the market size of CMS in terms of usage and popularity.

Serial NumberCMSMarket share (Till 1 July,2023)
7Adobe Systems1.6%
9Google Systems1.1%

  Source: W3techs.

P.S.: the market share is divided from the CMS platform’s total websites. 

What is the most dominant CMS on the market?

WordPress is the CMS mogul till now.

And the most popular one in 2023.

Powers 43.1% of all websites; no other CMS is as big as WordPress. Though it’s not the only open-source CMS, it grabbed the lion’s share of the CMS market.

It took 65.2% of the share from all websites using CMS.

And its growth rate over the year stays mostly the same. You can call it- growing at a steady pace. Let’s see how W.P. has evolved over the years.

Source: kinsta. 

Key CMS usage statistics 2023: How big is the CMS market?

Approximately 796 million websites use content management systems. (Searchenginejournal)

 There are 1.13 billion websites on the Internet, 18% active. And from them, Approximately 796 million websites are custom-made with CMS. This is huge.

90% of top-ranked websites Use CMS. (wpbeginner)

Based on traffic, almost 900,000 top-ranked websites use content management systems to build their websites.

Websites with WordPress have increased by 227%. (Searchenginejournal)

Between 2011-2022, we see the growth of websites built with WordPress has increased significantly, 227% to be exact.

CMS currently has a market size of $62.4 billion ( zippia)

Thanks to the Post-pandemic flex trend! 

Headless CMS is trending right now. The market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 13.3% between 2020 and 2025(which is insane).

There are over 80 different CMS platforms right now on the market. ( zippia)

I only mention some of the popular names in the CMS industry. But apart from that, there are over 80 different CMS options to build your website.

AI-integrated CM is a growing trend. (Tinycloud)

And that’s not a shocker, right? At the same time, it also creates many new opportunities. 

An Overview of Top #5 CMS in Terms of Market size

#1 WordPress

WordPress was launched in 2003 as an open-source software.

A collab project of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Since then, W.P. come a long way and established itself as the #1 CMS solution in the industry. Thanks to its user-friendly functionality, W.P. now has vast contributors and communities all over the world.

And the result?

WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites on the Internet. That means half of the website on the Internet is built on WordPress. (colorlib)

Does WordPress have a 60.8% market share in the CMS market? Well, it increased this year, 62.4%, to be exact.

Best for-

  • Bloggers,
  • Business
  • Magazines,
  • Education websites,
  • and nonprofit portfolios
Key WordPress Market Share & Trends 
  • Of the top 1 million websites, 29.13% are built with WordPress. (builtwith)
  • There are over 60k+ free plugins in the official WordPress plugin directory till now. (wpbeginner)
  • The latest WordPress (version 5) has been downloaded over 7.1 million times. (envisagedigital)
  • There are an estimated 34,896,678 live WordPress websites. (builtwith)

#2 Shopify

As the e-commerce industry has boomed since the covid pandemic, Shopify has become the town’s talk.

And that’s not surprising.

Built by a German-born entrepreneur Tobias Lütke in 2006, They are the best-in-class online store builders till now.

Though Shopify started its journey as a ‘hosted’ solution, now proudly established itself as one of the major players in the CMS industry. One of the key strengths of Shopify is its scalability. Shopify can fulfill your needs if you are starting with a small online store or have an established business with high-volume sales.

Best for  

  • Online store
  • E-commerce websites
  • SAAS

It’s obvious that they design the CMS mainly focuses on online stores. A wide array of built-in features to get the functionality of online stores. Such as-

  1. Secure payment gateways,
  2. Customizable product catalogs,
  3. Shipping integration,
  4. Inventory management,
  5. Marketing tools,
  6. Order fulfillment,
  7. And analytics. 
Shopify Market Share & Trends
  • Shopify ranks 2nd with a 3.8% market share. (yaguara)
  • Shopify powers 4,582,355 active websites across the world. (shopify)
  • Americans are the biggest market of Shopify as 60% of Shopify stores are U.S. based. (kinsta.)

#3 Wix 

From Super Bowl ads to giant events covering every Youtube Ad- Wix is literally everywhere.

Their marketing team was aggressive and crazy in the last 2 years. And now their hard work paid off. Among all the websites using a content management system, Wix’s market share is 3.6%.

Plus……Wix is the most beginner-friendly CMS out there.

You bet it is!

The drag-and-drop interface will let you create a beautiful website or store quickly. With the increasing use of mobile devices, Wix ensures that websites built on its platform are mobile-friendly and responsive.

Clever move, isn’t it?

It automatically generates a mobile version of the site so that your visitors have a seamless experience no matter what device they use. If you consider the Pricing, this cloud-based CMS is a great deal.

Best for 

  • Blogging
  • Small business
  • e-commerce 
Wix market share & trends
  • Wix’s market share is 3.6% of the overall CMS industry. (W3techs.) 
  • When it comes to the landing-page market, wiz is pretty good, capturing 79.34% of the total market share. (cminds)
  • Wix’s main revenue stream is North America, 59%. Income comes from this region. (tooltester)

# 4 Squarespace

With 3.79 million users, the New York-based American CMS is known for its popular Website template. It comes with a fully managed web service.

And the coolest part?

The intuitive interface will allow you to create professional-looking sites effortlessly (with little to no design experience).

As a cloud-based platform, it handles almost everything (hosting, security, and updates), eliminating the need to manage these technical aspects independently. One of the biggest drawbacks I saw was the Pricing, well it’s relatively expensive.

Best for 

  • Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
  • E-commerce Stores
  • Local Businesses and Service Providers
  • Individuals and Hobbyists
  • Freelancers
  • Solopreneurs 
 Squarespace market share & trends
  • Squarespace is used by 3.0% of all CMS websites. (Meetansh)
  • The annual revenue of Squarespace is $500.0M – $1.0B. (Appmysite)
  • Russia is the second most user of Squarespace(after the USA). (builtwith)

#5 Joomla 

Developers loved it!


Well, it is fully written in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store website content and data. First released in 2005 and has since grabbed a loyal fan base (mostly developers) due to its flexibility, versatility, and robust features. Its architecture is based on a modular design.

Security is a top priority for Joomla (which I love most).

Joomla has various security extensions so that your and the user’s data is totally safe. Features like two-factor authentication, user login protection, and CAPTCHA integration will surely give an extra layer on your website security.

Best for-

  • Small to Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Online Magazines and News Portals
  • Web Developers and Designers
  • Community and Social Networks
Joomla market share & trends
  • Joomla grabbed 2.6% CMS market share. (kinsta)
  • 2% of the top 100 thousand websites run on Joomla. (Techjury)
  • 4,071,368 websites using Joomla! (cloudway)


Is WordPress still the best CMS?

 Yes, pretty much. WordPress is so far the most popular Content Marketing system.

Do big companies use CMS?

CMS is Google-friendly, so most giant companies like Microsoft use CMS for their websites.

What is the most hacked CMS?

Again WordPress. As most of the websites use W.P., the vulnerability also becomes higher.

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