Affiliate Booster Review: Features, Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Our Affiliate Booster review will let you know everything about this Gutenberg affiliate plugin. Stay with us to learn its ins and outs.


Affiliate Booster Review

Looking for an affiliate toolkit plugin that makes affiliate marketing campaigns more conversion-optimized?

Affiliate Booster can be your ultimate choice.

It’s a Gutenberg plugin that comes with huge collection blocks to create visually striking promotional elements, grabbing attention and enticing visitors to engage.

Learn about this feature-packed plugin, including its pros and cons, alternatives, and more, in this Affiliate Booster review.

Affiliate Booster Review 

  • Ease of Use: 5
  • Functionality: 4.5
  • Customization: 5
  • Compatibility: 4.5
  • Overall Value: 4.7

Affiliate Booster is a Gutenberg plugin that lets you add conversion-optimized elements like single product, comparison, notification, etc, to your affiliate website. It’s a freemium plugin with 30 creative blocks, each featuring pre-designed and fully customizable templates. Therefore, you can enhance your site with stunningly designed affiliate elements without writing a single line of code.


  • 11 blocks are available in the free version.
  • Seamlessly works within the Gutenberg editor.
  • A wide variety of types of blocks (25+) are available for diverse needs.
  • Each block comes with dozens of styling and customization options.
  • Ability to enable or disable all or any particular block.
  • A vast number of pre-designed templates.
  • A well-decorated dashboard with necessary information.
  • Comprehensive mobile and tablet-friendly settings options.


  • No Amazon API supporting functionality.
  • Lack of geo-targeting can reduce earning possibilities.
  • No lifetime deal is available.

Key Features of Affiliate Booster 

Affiliate Booster is a feature-rich plugin that offers nearly everything an affiliate marketer may need. Explore all the key features and offerings that make this plugin the go-to choice for any kind of affiliate marketing:

User-Friendly Functionalities

When it comes to user-friendliness, certain aspects are associated with this term. For example, the plugin needs to have easy integration functionality and a well-designed dashboard, among other features. Affiliate Booster excels in these aspects with,

  • Gutenberg Integration: Affiliate Booster seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate this plugin into your existing website. Gutenberg provides the most user-friendly and streamlined content creation experience among other available page builders.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: While most Gutenberg plugins don’t have a dashboard, Affiliate Booster is different. It features a comprehensive dashboard with information about both free and pro blocks, the option to enable or disable all or any particular block, and a user guide.

30 Different Types of Blocks

Having 30 functional blocks, Affiliate Booster is arguably the most versatile affiliate toolkit available. It accomplishes tasks that typically require multiple plugins. Among the standout blocks provided by Affiliate Booster are single product descriptions, notifications, comparisons, pros and cons, discounts, popular products, and more.

Pre-configured Templates

Affiliate Booster is not only about having a large number of versatile blocks, each block also comes with an exclusively pre-defined template. By inserting any block, you’ll receive a pre-designed template that you can fully customize using the block settings panel. Each block provides individual customization and styling options.

Fully Customizable Options

Regardless of whether you select a single product, a comparison, or any other block type, each block offers an extensive range of customization options. You can be able to personalize each block according to your liking. Some common customization options in each block include typography, image settings, icons, colors, and more.

Flexible Responsive Options

The responsive options in each of Affiliate Booster’s blocks are a rarity among other affiliate plugins. Each block has its own responsive settings, allowing you to customize the responsiveness of its individual content elements. 

Pricing of Affiliate Booster 

Affiliate Booster comes with a free as well as a pro version. The pro version has three different yearly plans to fulfill different levels of users’ needs. Check out their price ranges:

  • Free: Available on
  • Pro – Yearly: $39 (1 website)
  • Pro – Yearly: $49 (25 websites)
  • Pro – Yearly: $69 (50 websites)

Free vs. Pro Versions of Affiliate Booster 

The free version includes a total of 11 blocks, while the pro version grants access to 30 blocks. Explore the differences between the blocks in the free and pro versions in the section below:

Single Product 
Pros and Cons 
Star Rating 
Call to Action 
Product Column
Icon List
Comparison Table 
List Items 
Good Bad 
Coupon Grid
Product Table
Key Points
Table of Content 
Progress Bar 
3 Premium Tables
Single Pros Cons 
Top Picked Block

Best Alternatives to Affiliate Booster 

While Affiliate Booster is a great option, it’s not the only player in the affiliate marketing arena. Other plugins are available with similar and even more advanced features. Some of them are:

Product NameRioVizualAAWPAffiliatable WP Table BuilderAffiliateXLasso
Active Installation 100+NA10,000+60,000+10,000+8000+
Free VersionYesNoYesYesYesNo
Starter PriceCurrently Fully Free49€/y$99/y$35.40/y$49 /y$24/m
Best ForComparison table, pricing table, pros & cons table, and moreConversion-
optimizedproduct presentations
Comparison tables and product boxComparison tables, pricing tables, list tablesComparison tables, single product tabs to product boxesProduct displaying for comparison purposes
Customer Rating5.
Our Review5.
Visit SiteRioVizualAAWPAffiliatableWP Table BuilderAffiliateXLasso

Closing Thoughts

Consider Affiliate Booster if you’re in search of an affiliate toolkit that seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg and offers a wide variety of blocks.

All the blocks assist you in creating attractive affiliate elements that capture visitors’ attention. Take advantage of it today, and if you’re uncertain, simply give the free version a try.

We are confident that our Affiliate Booster review will assist you in making the most informed decision.

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